Hotel rates in Cusco are contracted up to 30% due to the competition generated by the offer of accommodation through the Airbnb portal, said the Director of the Tourist Observatory of Peru (OTP) of the USMP, José Marsano.

"In the south, the most affected area is the Sacred Valley in Cusco, according to figures from the OTP, there is a detriment between 20 and 30% in the rate of three and four star hotels," he said.

"That is, if a single room was around $ 120 today the price is $ 84 due to the Airbnb factor," he explained.

Marsano considered that the panorama is unfavorable in this competition because of the low prices offered by this collaborative economy as they are exempt from paying a tribute to the State.

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“Tourists could pay up to 1/12 of the price of a three and four star hotel on an Airbnb (depending on the number of people), which represents unfair competition for these companies who, in the capital, have seen a reduction of 50% of customers this year compared to 2018, ”he said.

Given this, one of the proposals of the Director of the Tourist Observatory of the USMP is that the modalities of collaborative economies be regulated and pay, for example, 5%.

“In this way there would be a tendency to level the costs avoiding informality. At present, several cities in the world have adopted these measures such as Mexico City, Madrid and Chile, ”said Marsano.

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