Short Inca Trail 2 Days / 1 Night

Trip introduction

More than 40,000 kilometers of Inca paths in South America make this adventure an epic moment in your trip. The Inca trail is one of the most important hikes to Machu Picchu and is considered one of the top 5 hikes in the world. The Inca state was a conquering civilization that built thousands and thousands of pathways just to control all the territory. In our short Inca Trail we will walk only 11 kilometers exploring places like Wiñay Wayna (forever young) and then will arrive at Machu Picchu to see the sunset.


  • Hike to Machu Picchu on Inca Trail 2D/1N.
  • See the Sunset of Machu Picchu from the Sun Gate.
  • See the sunrise of Machu Picchu from the Guardian House
  • Explore Chachabamba Inca site
  • Explore Wiñay Wayna Inca site
  • Hot springs in town of Aguas Calientes
Responsible travel.

By booking this trip, you will be helping provide a special Christmas breakfast for low income children in Cusco.



Wake up early for bus ride to transfer to the Train Station in Ollantaytambo from Cusco. After approximately 1:45 hour on bus, will catch the train to Km 104 (Chachabamba) to begin the Inca Trail. Our guide will show you the first Inca site (Chachabamba) then we will walk up for 2 or 3 hours towards another Incan significant site to Wiñay Wayna (eternal Young). We will walk through a mixture of cacti vegetation where we’ll see varieties of orchids and a cloud forest. Later on we will continue for 2 hours more to the Sun gate to see the sunset at Machu Picchu and have our first classic picture taken there. Finally, we will end the afternoon by continuing our walk down to Aguas Calientes for night where you can take advantage of the hot springs if you choose to do so.


This is our Day!!! We’ll catch the first bus leaving from Aguas Calientes at 5:30am to Machu Picchu City. After we enter the check point with our guide we’ll walk for 7 or 10 minutes to experience the panoramic view of the city and depending on weather condition we could see the sunrise. We will explore the city for 2 or 3 hours while visiting the most important sectors inside and listening the wealth of historical information from our guide. After the tour you could explore the place on your own. AT the end of the day we will return to Aguas Calientes to catch the train to Cusco.

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  • 1 night hotel in Aguas Clientes
  • Professional hiking guide for Inca Trail
  • 1 breakfast ; 1 lunch; 1 Dinner
  • 1 World Heritage Site visited
  • One of the Seven wonders of the world visited
  • 1 hike to Machu Picchu via the Inca Trail
  • Explore all the Inca sites on the Inca Trail
  • All inclusive Inca Trail
  • Explore Chachabamba
  • Explore Machupicchu
  • Explore Wiñay Wayna
  • 1 bus ticket from Aguas Calientes to Machu Picchu .
  • Train ticket for return to Cusco
  • All the entrance tickets

Not Included

  • Tips for the guide on Inca trail
  • Lunch in Aguas Calientes
  • Extras (water, snacks, things not in the itinerary)


  • Backpack waterproof layer
  • Loose pants and better long
  • Feather coat and waterproof jacket.
  • Gloves and skullcap.
  • Trekking shoes with thick orm.
  • Micro fiber or wool socks.
  • Walking sticks.
  • Sunscream and glasses.
  • Mosquito repellent.
  • Original passport.
  • Purifiying pills.
  • Personal higiene items.
  • Torch with replacement battery.
  • Camera.
  • Sleeping bag.
  • Extra Money to tipping guides, cookers and porters.